Made in France

配備A 4英寸FLAX低音揚聲器的入墻式/吸頂式揚聲器



該雙路組合揚聲器由一個4英寸(10厘米)低音揚聲器Flax錐體鋁/鎂合金倒圓頂高音喇叭組成。Focal專有Flax技術是以亞麻為基礎的環保紡織品。Flax錐體由夾在兩片玻璃纖維之間的亞麻結構組成,由于很輕薄,使其具有很強的剛性。它們用于著名W錐體 used in the Utopia III, Sopra and Electra 1000 Be 2 系列,產生具有明顯的含糊度和清晰度的聲音。

這些新型揚聲器的關鍵質量是:安裝簡單快速,with 專利EQI系統(簡單快速安裝)。無需工具,即可安裝!這些新產品也符合使用和安裝的最基本標準:無框架、磁格柵、防振腳……

安裝所需的配件單獨出售(pre-mounting kit and fire rated backcan)

Create an invisible system

Even if the built-in loudspeakers of the 300 Series were designed to reproduce sound as faithful as possible for stereo configurations, they turn out to be also ideal for multichannel applications. It reproduces very precisely the movies’ soundtracks without taking up too much space. These products will blend discreetly with a classic bookshelf or a column loudspeaker system.

The 300ICW loudspeakers from the 300 Series range can also be installed around your TV screen as stereo loudspeakers or center speaker. They are also suitable for an in-ceiling Atmos? application.

So original Flax cone

All the speaker driver cones of the 300 SERIES range are made using Flax sandwich technology. Flax is an eco-textile with astounding structural properties: it is light, rigid and well damped for providing greater neutrality of the timbre and better definition.

TNV2 Tweeter developed for these products uses Focal’s exclusive inverted dome technology, allowing for optimal energy transfer and limited directivity.

Perfectly blent with your interior

The magnetic grilles supplied with each product are perfect for quick and easy assembly.

In terms of design, all the products of the 300 Series line come with two types of grilles: a square grille and a circular one, to ensure they blend in perfectly with your interior. Another key aspect of the design is that the grilles are frameless, making them even more discreet and elegant.

Ease of installation
EQI : Easy Quick Install system

Easy, quick & no tools required

The loudspeakers of the 300 Series are very easy to install thanks to the EQI (Easy Quick Install) system. The install frame is compatible with any wall or ceiling with a width between 5 and 30mm. No tools are required. The frame comes with fixing legs which holds the system in place. Simply insert and lock the speaker, either by rotating it for the round in-ceiling models, or by applying a pressure on the frame for other models.




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