Made in France 3頻道吸頂揚聲器




利用horizontally;orientable;中高音板,您可以把聲音集中在聽音點上。 中音和高音揚聲器電平可調,以完美地適應聲學環境。無論在哪里安裝產品,密封機箱均提供了相同的性能水平。;



Create an invisible system

The 300ICLCR5 in-ceiling loudspeaker is ideal for a Home Cinema set-up.

The mid-treble plate can be orientated to aim at the listening spot, even if the speaker is not straight. Hence, all the complexity of the movies’ soundtracks will be greatly reproduced while preserving the interior decoration.

So original Flax cone

All the speaker driver cones of the 300 SERIES range are made using Flax sandwich technology. Flax is an eco-textile with astounding structural properties: it is light, rigid and well damped for providing greater neutrality of the timbre and better definition.

TNV2 Tweeter developed for these products uses Focal’s exclusive inverted dome technology, allowing for optimal energy transfer and limited directivity.

Frameless magnetic grilles

The magnetic grilles supplied with each product are perfect for quick and easy assembly.

In terms of design, all the products of the 300 Series line come with two types of grilles: a square grille and a circular one, to ensure they blend in perfectly with your interior. Another key aspect of the design is that the grilles are frameless, making them even more discreet and elegant.

Ease of installation
EQI : Easy Quick Install system

Easy, quick & no tools required

The loudspeakers of the 300 Series line are very easy to install thanks to the EQI (Easy Quick Install) system. The installation of the ICLCR5 is particularly clever: a safety mechanism ensures reliability and stability in the ceiling. The length of the installation legs can be adapted depending on the ceiling material thickness. No tools are required! The frame comes with fixation legs that hold the system in place. Simply insert and lock the speaker by applying pressure on opposite sides of the frame alternately.




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